Redesigning Canton Rail Transit map

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Since I left alone my route map designing business. The official map designers have decided to disgust all its users. The map is tedious inadequate for modern aesthetics.

Luckily, by some chance, I have again the time to re-instate the design. The new map uses traditional Chinese characterister-style as those in the Kang-hsi Dictionary. For a further taste of conservatism, most of the stations are renamed to its adjacent historical premises. In the traditional city centre, old gates such as ‘Oil Gate’ and ‘Tsing-hoi Gate’ foud their rebirth on this map. I am pretty satisfied with such.

In addition to the conventional metro routes, I also included new inter-city and heavy-rail commuting routes. The colour selections for these routes are not released officially yet. Hence, I decided to use the persistent ‘dirty trick’ from Canton Metro — copy from Paris! The Canton routes 1 and 2 are the same colour to those of lignes 1 and 2 Métro de Paris — so, using colours borrowed from Réseau Express Régional would be a good idea.

More stories to come when I have time…

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