ASUS router command line tricks

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I have just re-discovered the usage of this blog — not only serves as a platform to present stuff, but also somewhere to throw internet rubbish, paid by the rubbish-producer himself, at least.

I have been fiddling around with an Asus RT-AC85P router for a while. Something starts to annoy me when I need to update the static DHCP list. It was all good at the start, but when I decide to change MAC address for certain devices while keeping the IP address. I have to delete those entries and add new ones at the bottom. The ‘華碩品質以卵擊石’ quality of Asus did annoy me by providing no ‘sorting’ option on that list, making it bloody hard to navigate to maintain!

Rebuilding manually assign IP list

Deleting everything and rebuilding the list is not an option. I have been living with it until setting this post. It is simple, but difficult to fine the way, to change this — by using command line.

nvram get dhcp_staticlist

Then we can edit the output, and,

nvram set dhcp_staticlist="<#new code#>"
nvram commit


Re-assign DHCP

When adding a new entry to the DHCP setting, it worths restart DHCP service to see prompt changes.

killall dnsmasq
rm /tmp/var/lib/misc/dnsmasq.leases
service restart_dnsmasq
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